Canadian Prairie Transport

With a specialization in delivering dry and temperature-controlled shipments, Canadian Prairie Transport is a trusted carrier of goods, connecting businesses across borders. With over 15 years of logistics experience, they are true cold-chain specialists. To amplify their digital presence and streamline client interactions, they embarked on a journey of website redesign for their trucking company. Partnering with Arete Soft Labs, this journey has transformed their online identity into a dynamic hub, driven by custom responsive design, WordPress CMS, video headers, testimonials that resonate with trust, and a “Request a Quote” form that simplifies their lead capturing initiatives.

Project Highlights

  • Custom Responsive Website Design: In the world of logistics, where every click carries cargo, Canadian Prairie Transport’s website adapts seamlessly to all devices. Our custom responsive design ensures a smooth navigation experience, whether you’re exploring on a desktop or a mobile device.
  • Custom Service Pages: In logistics, precision matters. We crafted custom service pages that precisely showcase the range of services offered, ensuring clients can easily find and select the solutions that best suit their shipping needs.
  • WordPress CMS Integration: The logistics landscape is ever-changing, demanding real-time updates. We seamlessly integrated WordPress CMS, giving Canadian Prairie Transport the power to manage their digital cargo with agility, from updating services to maintaining a dynamic online presence.
  • Video Header: In the digital realm, a captivating entrance is essential. A video header welcomes visitors, offering a glimpse into the world of Canadian Prairie Transport and setting the tone for a dynamic online journey.
  • Testimonials Section: Trust is the backbone of logistics. The website features a dedicated testimonials section where satisfied clients share their experiences, underscoring Canadian Prairie Transport’s reputation as a reliable logistics partner.
  • Request a Quote Form: In logistics, simplicity is key. We designed a user-friendly “Request a Quote” form, streamlining the process for clients to express their shipping needs and set the wheels of logistics in motion.
  • Canadian Prairie Transport’s digital presence now matches the precision and reliability that define their real-world logistics services. With a custom responsive design, tailored service pages, a dynamic video header, WordPress CMS integration, a trust-building testimonials section, and an efficient “Request a Quote” form, they are poised to transport digital visitors into satisfied clients.
  • At Arete Soft Labs, we specialize in crafting trucking company website designs that bridge the gap between cargo and convenience. If you’re ready to elevate your trucking company’s digital presence and streamline logistics interactions, we’re here to navigate the path of success with you.

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Project Key Features

  • Custom Responsive Website Design
  • WordPress CMS
  • Custom Service Pages
  • Photo Gallery
  • Testimonials section
  • Request a Quote Form
  • SEO Optimization



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