Grace & Truth Church

In the heart of New York, where tradition meets technology, Grace and Truth Church embarked on a transformative digital journey. This revered institution sought a custom website redesign for their church website, one that would not only honor its rich legacy but also cater to the evolving needs of its congregation.Having church website design done for many churches, Arete Soft Labs partnered with Grace and Truth Church to enhance their online presence with a symphony of features, all seamlessly orchestrated through WordPress CMS.

Project Highlights

  • Custom Responsive Website Design: In a world where the faithful gather online, design is sacred. Grace and Truth Church now boasts a custom website design that reverberates with reverence and resonates with mobile devices, ensuring that their message reaches the masses.
  • WordPress CMS: Powering this divine transformation is WordPress CMS, the holy grail of content management, empowering Grace and Truth Church to manage their digital sanctuary with ease and grace.
  • Events Calendar: Keeping the congregation informed is paramount. We introduced an events calendar and a digital bulletin board where members can discover upcoming services, gatherings, and spiritual events, fostering a sense of unity and participation.
  • Integration with SermonAudio.com for Delivering the Latest Sermons: The pulpit transcends physical boundaries with seamless integration. Grace and Truth Church now reaches its congregation near and far by delivering the latest sermons through SermonAudio.com, enriching spiritual journeys worldwide.
  • Online Donations: Faith is often expressed through offerings. We introduced online donations, allowing members to contribute conveniently and securely, ensuring the church’s mission continues to flourish.
  • Photo Gallery to Showcase the Latest Events: Every moment is a testament to faith. With a dedicated photo gallery, Grace and Truth Church can now showcase the vibrancy of their community, from baptisms to outreach events, all captured in pixels of praise.
  • Bible Verse of the Day: Nourishing the spirit daily is a priority. The website features a Bible verse of the day, a source of inspiration and reflection for all who visit.
  • Member-Only Module: Spiritual growth often demands privacy. We introduced a member-only module, allowing the congregation to access exclusive content, connect with fellow members, and strengthen their faith within a secure digital sanctuary.

Grace and Truth Church’s digital sanctuary now radiates with the grace and truth of their faith. With a custom church website design, events calendar, SermonAudio.com integration, online donations, photo gallery, Bible verse of the day, member-only module, and the versatility of WordPress CMS, they’re ready to usher in a new era of spiritual enlightenment.

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Project Key Features

  • Custom Responsive Website Design
  • WordPress CMS
  • Events Calendar
  • Integration with SermonAudio.com for delivering the latest sermons.
  • Online Donations
  • Photo gallery to Showcase the Latest Events.
  • Bible Verse of The Day
  • Member-only Module
  • SEO Optimization



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