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The heart of this project was a bespoke design that harmonized with OptiCann Canada’s brand identity and the medical cannabis industry. Our experienced WooCommerce web design team meticulously crafted every element to ensure the website exudes professionalism, trust, and accessibility.

Project Highlights

Arete Soft Labs chose the powerful combination of WordPress and WooCommerce to create a robust, flexible, and user-friendly solution. The website seamlessly adapts to various screen sizes, allowing patients and users to access vital information and place orders effortlessly, whether on desktop or mobile devices.

At the core of the project was the development of a secure and user-friendly online cannabis ordering system. Patients can now browse products, access detailed information, and place orders with confidence, all within a compliant framework. To enhance customer management and streamline operations, we integrated the Ample Organics CRM system.

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Project Key Features

  • Custom WooCommerce Development
  • UI/UX Design Creation
  • Responsive Design
  • Patient Registration
  • Online Order Fulfillment Integration (Ample Organics)
  • SEO Implementation



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