OptiCann Canada- A Medical Cannabis Ecommerce Website Development


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    We just completed a new eCommerce website development for OptiCann- a leading company selling medical cannabis products in the Canadian market.

    OptiCann by Heritage Cannabis

    OptiCann Canada is a brand owned by Heritage Cannabis. Heritage Cannabis is a well-known brand in the medical cannabis world and has an established operational network throughout Canada and the USA. Heritage Cannabis wanted to launch an eCommerce website to sell medical cannabis products in the Canadian market and OptiCann was established for the Canadian Operations.
    As we started discussions with the OptiCann, team Arete listened to their requirements and did background research for selling Cannabis products in the Canadian market, and the compliance involved. As cannabis products are in a regulated sphere in Canada, users need to go through a registration approval process before they can purchase the products through the website.

    The team at Arete Soft Labs started with the research to plan for different features and design elements before commencing with the design phase. Once we completed our research and review of their design and branding, we started with the design phase for the website. And, you can see the beautiful, processional website developed as below.

    home page

    Pre-registration Information

    As medical cannabis is a regulated product in Canada, patients need to register and upload medical documents to get approved by the medical team at OptiCann. We created the different sections and pages to guide the users in the process of ordering cannabis products online.


    The first step to order products is to register on the OptiCann website. The registration form on the website is integrated with Ample Organics’ system using their API. So every registration from the website is sent directly to Ample’s patient management system.
    OptiCann zeroed on Ample Organics as their eCommerce platform to facilitate the registration and ordering process as it has an established platform to offer cannabis products and make compliance a breeze.
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    Medical Document/Consultation

    Don’t have a medical prescription yet? OptiCann has partnered with Releave Therapeutics to offer its patients an easy and online method to consult and find if medical Cannabis is right for them. Patients can book online consultations linked right from OptiCann’s website.
    Releave img

    Product Catalog

    Users can learn more about the product offered by OptiCann from the product catalog available on the website. The product catalog provides detailed information about each product and pricing. Also, on the product page, patients can initiate the registration process or log in to buy; if already registered.
    Product img

    Product Catalog

    Product detailImg


    Once patients are registered and approved, he or she can log in from OptiCann’s website to order the products and the website is linked with the shop section on Ample’s platform.
    login screen cannabis ecommerce

    FAQ Section

    The website has a FAQ section to provide answers to the frequently asked questions.
    Faq img


    To fulfill the project requirements, we used the following technologies/platforms:
    1. Platform- WordPress/WooCommerce
    2. Cannabis eCommerce platform- Ample Organics
    3. Medical Consultation – Releave Therapeutics
    4. Email marketing- Klaviyo
    5. Secure HIPPA & PIPEDA compliant hosting- HostPapa

    Wrapping Up

    We were working on a tight schedule to launch the website as quickly as possible. Team Arete worked tirelessly, and with great teamwork, the OptiCann Canada website is launched. Now, our team is working with OptiCann/Heritage Cannabis team to design their USA website.
    So, if you are in the market looking to develop a medical Cannabis eCommerce website for your brand, schedule a free consultation call with our medical Cannabis eCommerce expert team today.

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