Questions to Ask Yourself to Find Out if you are Wasting Money on AdWords


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    Have you ever wondered if you are wasting money on AdWords? This is a question a large number of digital marketers ask themselves. You may be getting a return on your investment, but you have to think if you are leveraging every cent you spend on AdWords. Despite that, AdWords is a popular ad platform online; most people waste a lot of money on it.
    This is in terms of the money spent on it compared to the returns gained. According to Google reports, most businesses earn an average of just two dollars for every dollar spent on AdWords. Compared to the large number AdWords reach, this is a very low amount not worth celebrating.
    One thing to note is that there is no limit on the amount you can earn on Google AdWords. The limits you are facing may be due to the mistakes you are making in the process. Here are nine questions to ask yourself and determine if your Google AdWords campaign is effective.

    1. Are you monitoring your data in the right way?

    Numbers are essential when it comes to determining the effectiveness of your Google AdWords effectiveness. Data is critical because the analytics, graphs, and tools in AdWords play a crucial role. They help in quantifying your initiatives and in case you are not getting a good return, they require reevaluation.

    2. Do you only use Google AdWords to research terms?

    AdWords has a wide range of essential features, but Google has more complex search tools. Therefore, you should not just use a single research tool. Besides Google Keyword Planner, you can utilize Ahrefs Keywords Explorer,, Moz Keyword Explorer, Keywords Everywhere, etc. to name a few.

    3. Are your keywords effective?

    Like any other online marketing strategy, the keywords are used to determine whether you succeed or not. You should not only use positive keywords. The negative ones are also equally important in Google AdWords to avoid wasting your precious budget dollars.

    4. Do you test ad positions?

    You should never have the trust that everything is going right. It is necessary to test your ad positions by doing some searches to find out your ranking. In case you are showing nowhere, you should raise your bid. The good thing is that AdWords has a test and diagnostic tool that can help in the process.

    5. Are you leveraging ad groups?

    The use of ad groups is a critical targeting method. Group your keywords by the landing page. This makes it easier for you to make the necessary changes anytime you need to make them. It also acts as the basis of any AdWords advertising. Grouping the keywords allows doing a quick overview as you make the changes.
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    6. Do you perform follow-ups?

    It is wrong to create a static AdWords campaign and expect the desired results. You need to perform regular monitoring to keep up with the pace of the trends in the industry. You should follow up on all PPC campaigns to find out the progress & tune-up as required. This helps you stop or update ads that are not performing as desired. It also helps look for new search channels to bring more revenue and traffic.

    7. Are you watching your competitors?

    Just because you are at the top does not mean you will remain there. You have to watch the competition so that you can find out the changes in the market before you are overtaken. So, this way you can stay ahead of competitors and utilize your marketing campaign to constantly bring positive results.

    8. Are you focusing on long-tail keywords?

    Long-term keywords contribute almost 70 percent of all online searches. You may not target all the popular searches, but with more long-tail keywords, you attain more targeted traffic & thus enhances your ROI (return on investment).

    9. Are you promoting your brand?

    Google AdWords is an advertisement platform. Your audience knows the difference between sponsored and organic results. This happens because Google SERP is designed to make it clear to them. Therefore, you should treat AdWords as an ad platform for paid ads. Make sure you supplement it with other promotional and marketing strategies, both offline and online. This brings in more sustainability. And, don’t miss on bidding for your brand keywords.


    AdWords is an excellent supplement for other off and online marketing strategies. However, just spending a lot of money on it is not a guarantee of getting the desired results. If you cannot get a good return on the investment you have made on AdWords by yourself, you should consider hiring a professional PPC agency to handle it for you. It would help if you asked yourself these questions, work for the best results, and learn as much as you can. By doing this, you will begin to enjoy a good return on your investment.

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