Breland Services

Breland Services is a full-service excavating contractor in Louisiana, offering a range of site preparation and pre-construction services for residential, commercial, and industrial clients.

The challenge
Breland services approached Arete Software for the search engine optimization services as it didn’t work out with their previous provider. The main challenges we had:

  • No visibility for all the business keywords
  • The website received very little traffic through search engines.
  • Absolutely no leads or phone calls generated through the website
  • The website was not visible to the target customer base at all.
What We Did

  • Review and undoing of wrong work done by the previous company
  • A detailed on-page optimization and making website ready for search engines
  • Analysis of the website and adding call-to-action (CTA) elements on all pages
  • Creating and claiming local business listings and optimizing local business profiles
  • Performed in-depth on-page analysis, including the page content
  • Detailed keyword analysis and selecting the right keywords as per the services and target locations
  • A detailed link-building activity to create quality backlinks from high-quality websites.

With our consistent SEO campaign, Arete software successfully achieved the following results for Breland Services within the first six months of the campaign and continue to deliver excellent results:

  • The website ranked in the Top-10 for more than 60 business keywords
  • Generated continuous flow of 5-10 business leads/calls fortnightly.
  • Traffic growth of 103% and user engagement growth of 161%.


  • 60
    Top-10 ranking for 60+ keywords
  • 5-10
    Business leads/calls fortnightly.
  • 103%
    Traffic growth
  • 161%
    User engagement growth

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