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Crafting a responsive, optimized, and custom website presence that achieves your goals.

About Us

Tailor-made Solutions for Your Business

Responsive Website Design in Toronto About Us

We are Arete Software, your partner for creative digital excellence in Toronto. Our team is experienced in creating engaging responsive websites, eCommerce solution, custom mobile apps, and digital marketing services with measurable results. Our in-house team of professionals craft digital experience for our customers right from the idea, to planning the strategy, to design & development of your project.

We value the uniqueness of your business and thus we follow a tailor-made approach for every project. With our custom solution approach, we plan the strategy & developing your project, keeping the target audience, market, and budget in mind.

Arete Software has been successfully providing IT services to its clients from across the globe. Our client list includes SMEs to FORTUNE 500 corporations.


We Bring Our Clients Results

We focus on the client's specific business goals and strategize the best route to execute them online. Our clients consistently see increased traffic, enhanced brand loyalty and new leads; thanks to our work.

We Are Recognized Experts

We are recognize experts in web design field. Our team has relevant certifications and in-depth experience in their respective fields to deliver nothing but the best results.

We Are Multi-Faceted

We are a multi-faceted organization with dedicated departments for each of our services; from planning, design, development, branding, to marketing. Experts from all of different departments work together on your project to ensure the success of your project. And, it an advantage to our clients that you don't have to talk to different companies to get your project done, we do it all for you.

We Want to Become Your Long-term Partner

We have a proven track record of meeting deadlines, meeting budget, and having a pro-active approach to client relations. We have a long list of satisfied clients to account for our claim. We work to build long-term relationships with our clients & keeping our clients happy.

Hear From Our Client

What Our Clients are saying

Pleasure working with Arete Software. Got things done very quickly. They deliver phenomenal work when it comes to website design and implementation.

Thomas P.

My experience with Arete Software has been nothing but exceptional. They respond really quick, produce great work, and are so open to any questions. I forgot to mention their pricing is very, very good. I guess I'm lucky and like to personally thank Arete Software for making my experience top notch. I have and will continue to recommend Arete Software to anyone in need of a new website.

Richard S.

Great company with lots of great ideas and advice. We had amazing experiences as we had to redesign our website.

William J.

It's truly been a pleasure working with Arete. They are always available and answer any questions we have right away.

Derrick S.